Data Protection Notice for Tenants


I am private landlord and this notice is addressed to tenants (and prospective tenants) regarding the data I hold about them as a tenant or alternatively as an occupier in my rented properties.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office in my capacity as a landlord.

As your landlord or prospective landlord, I am a data controller as I hold various information about you and information relating to your tenancy or occupation of my property. This notice explains what data I hold on you, how I obtained it, why I need to hold it, who I share it with, where I store your data, how long I will keep it for and your rights regarding the data.

How I obtained your data

I obtained your data when you completed my application forms or answered questions as part of the tenancy application process.  I may also hold additional information which has been provided by you or by third parties to me at a later stage in connection with your tenancy or occupation of our property.

The data I hold about you

The information I hold about you, whether you be a tenant, or household member, may include (but will not be limited to) all or part of the following:

  • Your name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, address (including any previous addresses), marital status, National Insurance Number, nationality, next of kin, where you were living when you applied to be a tenant.
  • The property you are (or will be) renting from me (or are occupying); along with the term, rent, deposit, utility and service responsibilities.
  • Details of rent paid by you to me, including any rent arrears.
  • Details of your pets.
  • Your employment status and the address, contact details (including email, phone and fax numbers) of your employer/accountant, payroll numbers, length of employment, salary information (including any regular overtime or commission), and any other income received;
  • Your bank account details, including the account number and sort code, any bank statements you have provided to us, any hire purchase/loan agreements/credit cards or store cards that you have; and any welfare benefits that you may be eligible for, or are currently in receipt of.

Children’s Information

I will not normally hold information about children living at the property other than their name and date of birth. 

I need this information so I can show it to the Home Office if required under the Right to Rent regulations in order to prove to them that it was not necessary to carry out a Right to Rent check on the child, and also to show to the local or any other authority if I are required to provide them with information about the occupiers of the property.

Why I need to hold your data

I need to hold your data for the following purposes:

  • To allow me to carry out due diligence on prospective tenants and occupiers of my properties, including checking whether there are any money judgments or history of bankruptcy or insolvency
  • To allow me to contact you and perform our duties to your under the terms of our contract with you
  • To help me manage your tenancy and occupation of our property
  • To enable me to provide you with any services and information which you have requested
  • To analyse so I can administer and improve the service that I provide and develop my business, and
  • For all other purposes which are consistent with the proper performance of our business and service to you.

Sharing your data with others

I may share your data with third parties in the following circumstances:

  • To allow me to carry out checks, and obtain reports and references in connection with carrying out due diligence on you as a prospective tenant or occupier.
  • To provide such information as is necessary to any contractors who may be employed by me to carry out work or inspections at the property.  This includes gas safety inspections, electrical safety inspections, contractors carrying out repair work needed at the property and inventory clerks.
  • To provide details to any utility or similar company in respect of invoices which relate to your use and occupation of the Property for the period of the tenancy (including any new services which may be developed or provided after this notice is given to you).
  • To provide details to any tracing agents or legal firms I may employ if you vacate the property owing money to me.
  • To provide to the Home Office if I am required to do so under the Right to Rent regulations
  • To any official bodies such as Local Authorities, tenancy deposit scheme administrators, service or utility provider, freeholder or other relevant person in connection with the creation or termination of your tenancy or occupation of our property where you are not a tenant.
  • To HM Revenue and Customs or other government department under any legal duty I may owe to them.
  • To any letting agency I may subsequently employ to manage your property
  • I may also need to share information with solicitors, agents, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, court agents, surveyors, valuers and/or new owners should I decide to sell the property or enter into a joint venture or merge with another business.

Where your data is held

Your data is held in password-protected and encrypted computer system, iCloud and OpenRent or such other tenant find and referencing portal that I use from time to time .

Your data will be mainly held within the UK.  If I use a cloud storage service or if one of the services or third party contractors used by me stores data in a cloud server, outside of the UK, this will only be in circumstances where safeguards have been put in place for its protection, in compliance with the  Data Protection legislation in the UK.

How long I will hold your data

I am entitled to retain your data for up to 12 years (where your tenancy has been signed as a deed) or otherwise up to seven years after the end of your tenancy.  This is in case of legal issues arising or in case I am required to provide information to HMRC or for some other official reason.

After this period of time has ended you will be entitled to ask me to delete your data from our systems and from any data processors I have have used to store your data.

I will delete your information from my computer systems if your application to become a tenant is unsuccessful.

Your Rights

These include:

  • The right to ask for a copy of the information I hold about you in our records
  • The right to ask me to correct any inaccuracies in the information I hold
  • The right to ask me to stop sending you any marketing information, and
  • (Subject to our right to retain information under contract or where I have a legitimate interest in retaining it or as required under law) the right to delete your personal data from our systems.

Further, if after first making a complaint to us, you consider that I have not dealt with your data correctly, note that you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Updating this Information Notice

This information notice was last updated in June 2024.  It may be updated from time to time to reflect any changes I may make in how I use your data or any changes in Data Protection law or practice.