Pet Policy

Important information for renters who wish to keep pets

I’m a pet friendly landlord, but if I give consent to keep a pet at one of my properties, this consent is granted on the following conditions to protect the condition of the property and the welfare of any pets.

I reserve the right to make reasonable changes to this policy as I see fit from time to time.

By keeping a pet at the property, the tenant accepts the terms and conditions in this Pet Policy.

How to ask for consent to keep a pet

Tenants must obtain my prior written consent from before keeping a pet at the property. They should expected to be asked for details of the pet, including a photo, and explain how they intend to look after the pet while they’re working.

If new tenants wish to have a pet, they must obtain my consent before signing the tenancy agreement. They shall also shall provide a reference for their pets from their former landlord if I ask.

Tenants who wish to obtain an additional pet after moving into the property must apply for permission in writing to me, in advance. I reserve the right to refuse a request for an additional or a new pet, if the original pet dies or is no longer at the property. If a tenant obtains an additional or a new pet without prior permission, this may be treated as a breach of the tenancy agreement.

I take a reasonable approach and can refuse to give consent if I believe it’s not appropriate.

Looking after your pet and the property during the tenancy

Pet welfare is very important to me. Tenants are responsible for their pets in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. If I believe that a pet kept in the property has been neglected or abandoned, I will report it to an appropriate animal welfare organisation. This will also be treated as a breach of the tenancy agreement, which can lead to eviction.

Tenants must not leave their pets in the property when they are away unless clear and appropriate arrangements have been made for their care.

Dogs should not be left alone in the property for more than 5 hours at a time. Tenants must ensure that their dogs will not cause damage to the property if they are left unsupervised.

Cats must not be allowed to foul inside the property except in a litter tray. The litter tray must be cleaned regularly and litter disposed of properly and efficiently.

All pets kept at the property must be vaccinated and regularly treated for fleas and worms (if appropriate). Tenants are responsible for keeping all areas of the property clean and free from parasites, such as fleas.

Tenants must ensure their pets do not cause a nuisance to neighbours. This includes excessive noise such as barking and whining. Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead in any public places, communal areas and walkways. If a pet does cause a nuisance to neighbours, it may be treated as a breach of the tenancy agreement.

Pets must not be allowed to foul inside the property, except for caged pets (eg hamsters) and pets (such as cats) which trained to use a litter tray, as mentioned above.

Any pet faeces must be removed immediately from the garden or outside areas and disposed of safely and hygienically.

Any animal listed in the schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 may not be kept at the property. Any dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 may not be kept at the property.

Tenants may not breed animals or offer for sale any animal in the property.

If a pet causes damage to the property during the tenancy, you agree to point it out to me as soon as possible. We will discuss what’s appropriate to do, and you agree to put right any damage at your expense within a reasonable time of my asking you to do it.

At the end of the tenancy

At the end of the tenancy, tenants with pets agree to take particular care to ensure any pet hairs and pet odours are removed from carpets, for instance by thoroughly cleaning the carpets to a professional standard. They also agree to clean the property thoroughly.

If legislation changes to allow landlords to request that tenants take out pet insurance, the tenants shall do this as soon as reasonably practical when requested by me, and provide me with a copy of the insurance policy.

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